Aromatherapy for Dogs

Aromatherapy for dogs is often a safer and easy alternative for problems. I have used Lavender essential oil with great results for my dogs.

Essential oils are used for getting rid of fleas on pets and in their environment.

I have used essential oils with great results on hot spots on my dogs. Lavender is said to be good on other skin conditions.

Lavender can be used for stress related to constipation.

When one of my dogs was a puppy, she became traumatized when I took her to a groomer. After she would run, hide and shake every time I ran water. I never took her to be groomed again. But when I needed to clip or bathe her, I added a few drops of lavender to the bath water and she would settle down some. She never learned to like baths, but at least she would stop shaking. To clip her I would put a drop of lavender essential oil on my hands and rub this onto her tummy and ears. She had a heart condition and was on heart pills and water pills. As she got older, her condition became worse causing her to have trouble breathing when she became stressed or exerted herself. She lived to be 13 years old before she became too sick to enjoy life. I really believe if I hadn't used lavender on her, I would not have had the honor of her sweet company and friendship for so many years.

Lavender can be used for any kind of stress your pet may have. Add a drop of lavender straight or mixed equally with a carrier oil and rubbed on your pet. This can also be added to their scarf or collar. This has worked for a timid dog I got who used to be a breeder dog. She was pathetic when I got her. She would hide in corners, under furniture, under bushes, and once when I took her outside she hid in the compost pile. I used lavender on her and I put some on me. When she was by me she started being calmer. She is now a happy, healthy dog who wants to be held when I sit down and loves hugs.

Use lavender in a room freshener, diffuser, or nebulizer when there is a storm to keep your pets calm.

Lavender and other essential oils repel insects and can be helpful with ticks.

Lavender has been used to help hair loss in pets due to hormonal imbalance. It calms, soothes, and supports the adrenal glands and encourages healing. Just dab a little on the fur on their back once a day.

Make a nice dog spritz, just to make your dog smell good between baths.

I use lavender before I take my dogs to the vets and in any situation they may feel stressed about. I hope you have as good results with using aromatherapy for dogs as I have. :)

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