Lavender Oil for Bites and Stings

Warning- Bites and stings can be dangerous. This is not meant to replace medical help. If you are allergic or bit by something poisonous, seek medical help. This is only a first aid measure.

If you get a sting on the inside of your mouth, hold a small amount of baking soda water in mouth on that spot if possible. If it's on the outside of your throat or mouth put some baking soda and lavender on it. But most of all stop wasting your time reading this and get medical help. If it starts to swell when it's in the mouth or throat it can make breathing very difficult.

Lavender can be applied undiluted (straight or neat) onto bites and stings. This makes it easier to use because you can have a small bottle in your pocket when you go for a walk or hike. You can use a cotton ball if you have one of those bottles that don't have a drip reduction insert in the bottle. I like the drip reduction bottles because you can get one drop at a time. Most smaller bottles come that way. When I buy lavender in 4 oz. bottles or larger they usually don't have that dripper, so I just refill the smaller bottles. Yes, I actually do use that much lavender. I love the stuff!

Bee stings, hornets and ants

With bee stings you need to remove the little stinger. This can be done with a tweezers ( but be careful to avoid squeezing the venom sac.) or even flicking it with a charge card. Ideally you should apply a ice pack with a mixture of 1 tsp. baking soda and a few drops of water and a few drops lavender oil to make a paste on it. Bee, hornets and ant bites and stings are acidic, that's why the baking soda helps to neutralize it and the cold helps to reduce swelling. If you can't do the above, just put a few drops of lavender essential oil on it straight from the bottle. (repeat as needed.) I've done it this way and it really does take the sting away.

Wasp stings

Use apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and lavender or straight lavender oil on bites. Wasps are alkaline so the acidic quality of lemon or vinegar helps neutralize it. I've used straight lavender and it worked. This may be reapplied as needed. Apply a cold compress for swelling. Seek medical help as needed.

Spider bites

Mix 2 to 3 drops each of lavender and tee tree oil to 1 tsp. alcohol or cider vinegar and apply at least 3 times a day. Again straight lavender will help if you don't have the other stuff.

Black widow spider

Treat with lavender until medical help arrives. Never tried this one and I don't want to. Ick.

Mosquito and other insect bites

Apply lavender straight from the bottle (neat). If there is any swelling apply a cold compress. Lavender will also help prevent irritation and infection in bite. Repeat lavender as needed. This I tried and it helps.


Remove the tick, making sure you have the head. Apply one drop of lavender essential oil every 5 min. to 1/2 hour for a couple of hours, then repeat as needed. Write down when you got the tick and where on your body you got it. Keep an eye on the site because those little buggers can give you lymes disease. See a doctor if you get any symptoms (rash, especially a bulls eye rash where you got the tick, fever, achy, ect.).

Snake bites

In France they treat adder bites with lavender essential oil. Apply copious amounts of lavender oil to bite area, do not move limb, hold bite area below heart level and call for medical help.

Jellyfish/ sea urchin stings

Remove those darn spikes and /or tentacles but make sure you don't touch them directly with your bare skin. Use a small piece of clothing for this. Wash with sea water and Apply neat lavender, Repeat at regular intervals. seek medical help. Portuguese man of war stings need medical attention. No I didn't try this one and have no plans on doing so. Thank you very much.

Animal bites

Clean area well with cool water, apply neat lavender essential oil. Apply a dressing if needed but add a couple drops of lavender to gauze. See a doctor if needed because some animals carry rabies and infections.

Remember your reaction to bites and stings can change from the way you reacted to it last time. You can become allergic to something from repeated exposure. Never assume that you will be fine because you were okay with bites and stings in the past. Treat each time as a new experience. Most likely it will be fine, especially with using lavender. Be careful and be well.

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