Drying Lavender

Drying lavender can be done in several ways. You can tie bundles of lavender up with rubber bands. THe lavender will shrink some when it dries, so the rubber band will keep tension on them so they don't end up all over the floor. This works much better then string! Hanging the lavender upside down in a dark dry area with plenty of good circulation works well. A fan on in the room works well for air circulation if you need it. I've dried lavender in my hall successfully. I just hung the tied bundles from a coat hook and this worked well. I didn't even need a fan.

Lavender can also be dried by laying them on a screen in a dry, dark place. Like the above method you need good circulation. Drying in this way the stems aren't as stiff and formal looking. This way can make some pretty neat floral arrangements.

Any of the buds that dry and have poor color or fall off can be used for potpourri, crafts, or cooking. If you are going to use it for cooking, place in a jar and store out of the light.

You can dry flowers in the microwave oven. Spread your stuff to dry on a paper towel or paper plate. Lay another paper towel on top. Microwave on low, and check them every minute. Turn them after 2 minutes if they aren't completely dry. Cool and then store in a container. Recheck them in a few days or a week to make sure they are dry. You don't want them to have any moisture or they will mold.

I think the easiest way to dry buds is to use a dehydrator. That's what I normally do. I just check them and pull off the things that are dried and leave the rest to dry longer.

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