Lavender Crafts

Lavender Crafts are so easy and fun to make. They smell good while you make them and are so pretty. I use almost all the parts of the plant. I'm not a crafty person, so if I can do it, you can do it!

The leaves and buds can be dried to make a potpourri that is as beautiful as it smells. I collect flowers from my

garden in the summer and dry them to add more texture and color. Or dry the spent blossoms from flowers your loved one gives you for an extra meaningful potpourri. The scent of lavender blends well with other scents so you can go with what you personally love. You could also make some potpourri to change with the season.

Sachets can be elegant, cute, simple, or as complicated as you want them to be. They can be very visual and sitting out in your room on a silver platter or handmade basket or just functional and tossed in a drawer. Or maybe a mixture of both.

Hang some in your closet, linens or drawers. Or use to decorate a present.

Lavender eye pillows are another fun craft that would make a wonderful gift. Eye pillows are relaxing and comforting for sore tired eyes.

The flowers and stems make wonderful wands to tuck away in your linens. They were used in the past to keep the bugs out of the linens and cloths. Now they are used to make your linens smell great. Lavender wands can keep the scent for years. You can change the looks of them by the ribbons you choose. Lavender wands need to be made with fresh cut lavender because you need to bend the stems over the flower heads. Lavender wands are sometimes called lavender sticks or lavender bottles. I love this lavender craft!

Lavender wreaths can be a burst of purple flowers or silver green leaves. They can be huge or small. The type of lavender you are able to grow in your area has a huge impact on your wreaths. Some kinds of lavenders grow up to four feet high. The more cold hardy lavender like munstead are smaller and less grand, but not any less precious for us northern folk.

When the snow is falling and the wind is howling it's nice to curl up on your couch in front of a fireplace. The stems can be dried and tossed into the crackling fire to scent the room as you sit back and enjoy a warm cozy fire and a cup of hot cocoa. Treat all your senses at once. Life can be good!

Of course on the top of the fireplace mantle a couple of lavender trees or topiary would look great. Or maybe a topiary center piece on your table. Lavender makes very beautiful topiary.

Lavender is fun. I bet you could come up with many lavender crafts of your own.

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