Lavender Cuttings

Most lavender plants you buy are from lavender cuttings. Cuttings give you a clone of the mother plant. This way you know what you're getting.

First prepare the flats, pots or whatever you are going to plant the cuttings in.

Spring or autumn is a good time to take a cutting. Spring is generally better because plants are growing at that time.

To make a cutting find a branch about 4 to 8 inches long. Grasp the tip and pull down to break it off. The piece you broke off should have a piece of the union or heel (or older wood at the base) from the trunk of the plant. It's better to do this on a a cloudy day.

If you're taking more than 1 cutting, wrap the cuttings in a moist paper towel or wet newspaper, and place that in a plastic bag. Keep moist and cool.

Remove the lower half leaves and dip the broken end into water and then dip it into a rooting powder. If there are any flower heads you should nip them off.

Make a hole in the ground you will plant it in. Plant so only about 1 inch is above ground. Planting in light sandy compost works best. Plant cuttings deep and firmly in the ground.

Keep soil moist and protect it from frost. In the warmer area like zone 7 it works well to do cuttings in the fall. Just put your little cuttings in a cold frame or safe place, cover them and you should have roots by spring. Or cover the container with a plastic wrap or clear plastic bag and put the containers in a area that is cool and has indirect light.

In the colder climate it works well to do it in the spring. In about 6 weeks your little cuttings should be rooting.

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