Lavender Eye Pillows

Lavender eye pillows are easy to make and beautiful. I find them great to block off the light and relax me when I meditate. Try them for headache relief too. Don't worry about exact size. As long as it covers your eyes it'll work.

This is what I used.
Silk scarf or piece of silk 5 inches by 20 inches or 10 by 10 inches.
1 cup of flaxseed
1/2 cup of lavender buds.

To make
Fold silk with right sides together so it is about 5 by 10 inches
Stitch the silk together leaving a small opening at the end.
Turn silk right side out.
Mix flaxseed and lavender buds.
Fill the silk with the lavender flaxseed mixture.
Sew closed.

Make a slighter larger sleeve of silk for a cover for your pillow. This can be left open on one end so it is easy to remove the sleeve for washing. Add a few drops of lavender to refresh scent as needed. Squeezing the pillow will also help release the wonderful scent.

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