Lavender Recipes

Lavender recipes are an easy and fun way to add an unexpected flavor to any meal. You can use the flowers, leaves or stems. But mostly I like the delicate buds because the taste of the leaves and stems are stronger and can be bitter. So vary the amounts according to your own taste. As in all herbs, the dried is concentrated. In my recipes I use dried. When using fresh, the amount should be doubled. If you are using the foliage, use a half or one third less

of the amount called for.

Always use clean pesticide free lavender for your lavender recipes. You can grow your own or buy organic or culinary buds.

Chopping or bruising the leaves or buds will help release the flavor. Chopping can be done easily in a food processor, coffee grinder or spice grinder. The first time I tried this in my coffee grinder it just made the buds whirl around like a purple tornado. But adding a larger amount and pulsing it worked great. Now I just do a couple of tablespoons at a time and store it in a dark glass jar out of the light. This saves time, and I always have it ready for a lavender recipe.

The stems can be used when smoking food and can be tossed on your grill when you're cooking for a kiss of lavender flavor on your food. Lavandin lavender is especially nice for smoking.

I looked at some Lavender recipes in a cook book when I started cooking with lavender. I found the recipes were complicated, strange, and had ingredients that I couldn't even get in the area I live in. So I started to experiment by adding lavender to existing dishes I liked. It isn't as hard as it looks. Just start with a little pinch and increase as needed.

Any recipe that calls for Rosemary can be changed into a lavender recipe. If the recipe has you put rosemary with a liquid, use 3 to 4 times as much lavender as rosemary.

Lavender sugars are easy to use in baking by replacing your regular sugar with it, or sprinkle it on toast or scones. It can change any recipe into a lavender recipe.

Here are 3 different lavender butters. One is a sweet honey butter that is my favorite. There is a garlic butter that is great for garlic breads. My husband loves that one. And last, but not least is a herb butter that makes wonderful toasted cheese sandwiches. try them all and see which one you like best.

This recipe for vegetable lavender scrambled eggs is healthy and can help get more vegetables in your fussy eaters. It also can be changed according to what vegetables you like or have on hand at the time.

Lavender coffee cake is so it good it not only makes a great breakfast, it's great as a dessert or snack.

Oatmeal is heart friendly and a good source of fiber. My husband doesn't like oatmeal, but he likes it this way.

My daughter loves these lavender scones. I have to agree with her. They're pretty special anytime of day or even for a midnight snack.

Biscuits are one of those foods that makes me feel comfy cozy on a cold fall day. I like them as a snack or a along side a hot bowl of soup.

Au Gratin potatoes are great with fresh potatoes just dug up from the garden. This one has lavender in it.

Try this yummy twist to a toasted cheese sandwich. It's a great way to use the lavender herb butter.

Lavender broccoli corn bread is so hardy it could be a main dish. My husband loves this and he isn't a very good vegetable eater. He even takes leftovers to work for lunch.

Sugar cookies are always in style for the holidays. This recipe has a touch of lavender.

Shortbread has been served traditionally on New Years Eve and New Years morning. I like this rich cookie for Christmas. I cut my pieces small because a little goes a long way in satisfying those taste buds.

Pound cake is so rich and pretty. I love the color and it's simple elegance.

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