Lavender Sachets

lavender sachets

Lavender sachets are really easy to make and the scent can last for years with a simple squeeze of the sachet or a few drops of lavender essential oil.

It can be as complicated as your imagination can come up with or as simple as a ladies hanky with some lavender buds or potpourri in it and tied up with a bow. The possibilities are unlimited.

The basic instruction is take some form of cloth.
Place some lavender buds on the cloth.
Gather the cloth to enclose the lavender. You can use a rubber band or sew closed the cloth so the lavender won't fall out.
Add a ribbon to decorate it.

Ideas for lavender sachets

Cut a pretty cloth 6 to 8 inches round.
Place some lavender in the middle of the cloth.
Wrap the cloth up and around the lavender and tie a rubber band around the cloth to shut it.
Tie with a ribbon so it looks pretty. I used a 12 inch ribbon.

Take a cloth muslin bags and fill it with lavender.

Fill a baby bootie with lavender, sew closed and decorate with a ribbon.
Or sew a longer ribbon on it and hang in the baby's room or on a baby present.

Make a little cloth envelope and sew it closed. Sew a button on it for decoration.

Cut 2 pieces of material in a simple animal shape, like a bear or bunny. Put the the right sides together and stitch the pieces together leaving a small opening. Turn the shape right side out and then stuff lavender buds. Then finish sewing it closed. This would make a nice simple baby toy or sachet.

Cut little 8 inch squares , either make them into little pillows and sew them or just place the lavender in the middle and gather up and tie it with a string.

Sew some material into a little tube shape. Fill with lavender in the middle and tie both ends with some ribbon.

Maybe you could make some memory sachets. Make some from something from your wedding, a veil or garter or piece of your wedding gown. Take a piece of cloth from a favorite baby blanket or baby toy and make a sachet. Or Maybe there was a favorite dress or something from a loved one that would make a memory sachet.

Basically a lavender sachet is any cloth in any form that will hold your lavender buds.

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