Lavender Tree

This is a little lavender tree made from the branches I got from cutting my lavender back before winter. It's a easy and a relaxing lavender craft to make. I didn't dry the lavender first.

This Lavender tree looks like Christmas tree

You will need

A styrofoam cone and lavender. Just take one of those styrofoam cones that you can get at any craft store. The size is your choice.
Cut the lavender greens about 2 inches long and strip the leaves off of the bottom 1/2 inch of lavender.

Start at the bottom of the cone and stick the lavender into the cone until the cone is covered.

For some pieces you may need to make a little hole in the cone.

Hint- When I needed to make a hole I just used one of the lavender stem ends. But I found most of the lavender went in pretty easily.

The lavender will dry later. This tree really looks like a little Christmas tree and it smells so good.

This Lavender tree is a Topiary

You will need

A styrofoam ball,
A stick or a straight small branch, what ever size you like
A pot 2 inches bigger than the styrofoam ball
Fresh lavender.
Some foam, dirt, or sand to hold the stick/branch in the pot.
And some moss to cover the foam, sand, or dirt.

Don't use one of those topiary frames that have a green ball. The ball is too hard and very difficult to get the lavender in.

What I liked about using a stick is you can cut it to the size you want. Maybe three together at different heights would be pretty.

Check the length of the stick you want and cut it to size. Keep in mind that the stick will be stuck into the styrofoam ball and the pot.

Put the stick into the ball.

Cut lavender greens about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches long.

Keep sticking the lavender into the styrofoam ball until the ball is covered.Fill your pot with whatever you decided to use to hold the stick upright.

Place the stick into the pot.

Cover with moss.

Eureka you are done, you have a pretty little lavender tree

I kept the leaves I removed to make other lavender crafts like potpourri and sachets. Those I dried before using.

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