Pruning Lavender

Pruning lavender can be done in the summer or in the spring after the the frost date in your area.

Cut off about 1/3 off of the plant and shape it into a nice mound. Doing this will encourage new growth. Doing this every year will help prevent your plants form getting woody and gnarly looking. You can start doing this in the plants second year.

If you haven't pruned and your plant is out of control, you can still prune it. When the new growth is out in the spring and after chance of a hard frost is over you can trim it. Take sharp clippers and trim back one third of the stems to a few inches above the old woody stems. Just trim and shape the remaining stems about 1/3 of the way. Next year you cut another 1/3 of the plant to within a few inches of the woody part. And the third year cut back the rest of the branches to within a few inches of the thick woody branches. In this way you will have the whole plant groomed in 3 years and with less trauma to it.

When you harvest your lavender for crafts or whatever, this can be your pruning. Just shape your plants into a nice mound when you're done harvesting.

Cut spent flowers to encourage your plants to flourish.

In the spring after your lavender plant is showing growth, cut off any dead branches.

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