Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection or Psychic Cleansing

Sometimes when I'm with others I will feel emotions that make no sense to me at the time. Then find that someone else shows that emotion. Am I feeling or picking up on their emotions? Possibly. I don't consider myself psychic, but I know I'm influenced greatly by other people's feelings. I remember a few years back when my husband was frustrated at his job. I would be happy and talking and laughing with my daughter. He would walk in the house and it would feel like a cloud hung over my head and I would be sad, upset and I would stop talking. My joy would be gone. Thank goodness his problems resolved and I learned some things to do to block out this kind of negative energy. Picking up on other people's emotions and energy can be very confusing and overwhelming. At times it's hard to separate others emotions from my own. Because of this I to prefer to be at home and tend to put off visiting or even going shopping. Negative energy can actually make you feel physically ill. Some examples are tired, nausea, headache, muscle pain, and tension in the stomach or solar plexus. This is why I started learning and trying some psychic protection techniques. They really do help!

I have a spray bottle with water and some lavender essential oil. I mist the air in the room, especially the air above my head. I do this to clear away negative energy I may have picked up from others. Misting yourself can help with the negative influence on your body, aura, and mind. Lavender has been used by many energy healers and feng shui experts because of it's positive effect on energy.

Lavender helps clean auras, so spraying it as a mist around you, on you, or soaking in a lavender bath will help clean your aura. This is a good psychic protection against negative energy that has influenced your energy.

Create a protective bubble or egg around you that protects you from negative vibrations that are near you. Yon know, just like Glinda the good witch has around her in The Wizard of Oz. This method of psychic protection lets in positive energy and lets your own energy vibrations out. Breath slow and relaxing and release some of your energy into the bubble. Fill the bubble with different colors. Pick a color that feels right for you at the time. Like sound, color has different vibrations. The bubble can be any size you want, as long as it surrounds you completely.

Make sure you are grounded, calm, and feel love. The body must feel relaxed and good. In this state it is impossible to connect or channel with something negative. See yourself as connected to a bigger power. If you are spiritual this is easy. It can be a beam of light from Heaven, the universe, or a connection to Mother Earth. Do whatever is right for you. Feel the calm, the love. Let the energy come to you, be open. Let it heal you and protect you.

Some people find it helpful to visualize a cloak drawn around them, protecting them. This form of psychic protection works because our energy is effected by our mind and emotions.

Sometimes the vibrations or emotions you feel may be coming from within you from some repressed unresolved emotions. A situation or person may trigger the feelings to well back up into your consciousness. This can make it very confusing and make it difficult for you to separate outside emotions from inner ones. Meditating may help you to know yourself. Embrace the good and bad in yourself. This is what makes us human. Then try to change what you need to change. Keep growing.

Clean the energy in your home. See space clearing.

Cleansing yourself after exposer to bad energy you can shake, stretch, bounce, and move. Anything that will get the energy moving. Screaming or making some noise may also help. THe Hindu make the sound AUM to release psychic blocks.

Running water helps move the energy. It washes the psychic junk and helps clean your aura.

Clothes can be cleansed of residue energy by putting lavender in the water when you wash your clothes. There are some good laundry detergents that have lavender in them. Hanging your clothes out early in the morning will also help clean the clothes of sticking energy. This is good if you have clothes that were given to you from someone else. The zip up protects your central nervous system from receiving other peoples negative thoughts and energies. Place your hand near your pelvic area and take a deep breath while you raise your hand up the middle of your body to you lower lip. Do this 3 times. You can just visualize doing this if it's not possible to do it physically. Actually imagine a zipper being closed and lock the zipper and hide the key. Think positive thoughts. This will strengthen the flow of your energy and protect you even more. This form of psychic protection has been done at workshops taught by psychics who can see energy and auras.

Aura cleansing baths will help cleanse negativity from your aura. Add up to 1 pound of baking soda, and 1/2 pound of salt and 10 drops lavender to your bath water. Start with a smaller amount because this bath will remove toxins from your body. Soak as long as you want or leave the bath right away if your feel weak, nauseated, dizzy, or ill in any way. This will work on both your body and aura. Imagine the negative debris and emotions being pulled into the water.

Apple cider vinegar also works for aura cleansing. Stay up and relax for at least an hour after this bath. You need to rebalance.

I hope some of these psychic protection techniques help you. We are all made of energy. Everyone is effected by others energy, thoughts, and emotions by varying degrees. Be well :)

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