Space Clearing

Space clearing helps the chi or energy flow better in your home or business. According to feng shui it can make the difference in your health, relationships, success, and growth. Plus your place will just feel better. Every object and space has a energy body and they effect us. I'm doing a course on Feng Shui right now and they mention using lavender for clearing the house and objects.

When should you space clear?

  • You move into a new place.
  • You don't like the energy in the space.
  • Something bad has happened in that space.
  • Someone has died in that space.
  • After a illness in that space.
  • You feel as if someone is watching or touching you and no one is there.
  • If your house smells musty or bad.
  • If someone in the past was depressed in that space.
  • If someone currently living in that space is depressed.
  • You feel unpleasant breezes.
  • You just came back from a vacation or trip and your home has been closed up.
  • You or someone in the house is having nightmares.
  • When you feel affected by other peoples negative attitudes.
Space clearing

Fill a spray bottle with water and some lavender essential oil. Mist the air in all the rooms and closets.

Place sprigs of lavender, lavender essential oil or lavender sachets in closets.

Clean your home with a lavender soap or place a few drops of lavender in your cleaning items, laundry soaps, ect.

Have a positive attitude when you space clean or as far as that goes any cleaning. Your attitude influences your environment.

Visualizing and space clearing

Calm yourself, try to feel relaxed and grounded before you do space clearing. Take some deep steady breaths, feel yourself connecting to God or the universe. Close your eyes and visualize a strong violet light in every corner of your home. Don't forget the closets, basement and attic. Have this light saturate everything until there isn't a spot in your house that isn't touched by this violet light. Do this until it is shining out of every opening in your place.

When you are done with the violet light, do it again with a bright crystal white light.

Then visualize a wand or light sword with blue light. With a cutting movement of your hand release any unwanted objects or energy with this blue light. Next just visualize this beautiful blue light shining and empowering feeling of order to the space and everything in it.

Open windows and get some sunshine and fresh air in your space.

Get rid of clutter in your home. Clutter causes heavy chi energy. Clutter in your home or office can cause emotional clutter. When clutter is visible it effects your unconscious mind.

Your space may feel chaotic just after space clearing because you disturbed the old energy. This will pass as the new, lighter energy replaces it.

Place a small bowl or jar of salt for one week to raise the energy and clear the heavy chi. Salt can absorb negative, heavy depressed vibrations in a room. Also do this after a argument or when you have visitors who are difficult or negative. Put out fresh salt after several days.

Sage has also been used for years for space clearing. This is often sold as smudge sticks.

Sound helps get the energy moving in any room. Tibetan monks use 10 foot long trumpets to create a cleansing vibration. Guess they don't have close neighbors! Drums and bagpipes work well, but soft sweet music does not. Play your radio or stereo system for about 5 minutes every few weeks to get the stuck energy moving. Maybe you shouldn't do this if you have neighbors or if you live in a apartment.

Some essential oils that work for vibrations are lavender, peppermint, pine, sandalwood, and sage. A nebulizer diffuser works well for this.

Also see psychic protection.

I hope you find this interesting or helpful. Be Well :)

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